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Briefly Belfa

BELFA International was founded in Holland in the year 1980 for the purpose of commiting distributive and representative actions on various commercial fields between European countries and Turkey. In 1982 BELFA decided to continue its operations in Istanbul, thereby establishing strong grounds and connections in the import and export of construction materials and textile products, and gaining more experience in these areas over the years. Recently, BELFA especially focused on high-end products in construction materials and their applications, and in the begining of 2002, they negotiated a deal with the leaders of German & American companies, which has an experience of an astounding 100 years, with which they became responsible for their distributive operations in Turkey and Eurasia. Together with the co-operation of Stock Fenster, Geka, Hurd and Gebauer, BELFA guarantees to present every person who wants the doors and windows of their dreams with the best options available.

BELFA is one of the most active representatives of the massive wooden door-window system in Turkey.

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What it breathes means, the walls permeate vapour. Especially the most fundamental way for avoiding humidity from indoors is for the house to "breathe". Otherwise you imprison the humidity inside your house as if you put your wet swimming suit inside a plastic bag. Contrary to general opinion, humidity occurs more from indoors than from outdoors: Showering, washing, cooking, breathing-all lead to the emission of vapour.

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Old, new, big, small...no matter how your the “dream house” looks, a suitable window can be found in BELFA. From complex, historical, circularly arched windows to windows of modern tendencies or special forms; you will possess the window that best suits your needs and individual taste.

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Composed entirely from massive wood, Belfa wooden doors have incredibly rich model options. All wooden door models are designed to carry the aura of the massive wood to the accomodations it is used in.

In addition to the broad spectrum of models of our wooden doors in comparison with hollow-panel and MDF produced doors; we have the highly attractive visages of fringes and crowns, also composed of massive wood; a difference which can not be replicated by our competitors.

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  • Çam
  • Meşe
  • Meranti

The choice of the tree to be used is made by considering such criteria as density, mechanical stability, endurance to fungi etc. The proper density for window production is 0.50-0.70 g/cm3 for hard trees. In addition to our standard pine, meranti and oak, we may use trees required for special projects in our production if requested.

The surface treatment substances used by BELFA, penetrates the structure of the tree and provides protection against harmful bugs for many years to come. The dyes used in BELFA products are flexible and therefore they don’s resist the wood’s natural mobility-avoiding any cracks on the surface which may lead to humidity or bacterial infiltration. The dyes we use are also protective against the harmful rays of the sun.

The whole selection of colours presented to the customer allows all doors and windows to be the same colour, thereby providing the traditional colour integrity in indoor and outdoor vision without compromising functionality. Thus the door and window that you buy, preserve the unity with you and eachother until you decide to change the colour. The applied paint has a warranty of 5 years.

Base lath and Fringe: The connection between wooden windows and the walls is established in a most practical and economical way by using wooden coating elements named base lath. Customers with higher expectations may prefer to wooden stave units and fringes that compete with eachother in beauty.

Border Profile, Case Panel, Moulding Case Panel Border Profile Moulding

Crown and Corner Element: You can also use a decorative corner connecting element between horizontal and vertical fringes or crown your window with a wooden crown element instead of an upper fringe and make it the center point of your home decoration.

Windowsill, Header , Corner Block Windowsill Header Corner Block

Windowsill: Different windowsill solutions are possible for the connection of window and the lower wall. Belfa presents the most beautiful options of windowsills for indoors.

Tilage: The division of the windows to small pieces add a wonderful ambience to the image of the facade and to indoors. If you prefer these kinds of windows due to architectural style or personal taste, you can choose from the various options provided below.

Meet The Beauty Which Derives From Nature!

Windows And Doors For Life

  • First class, imported wood joinery and exterior cladding quality that recompenses aesthetic and permanent solutions...
  • Tough concept of quality and naturalness...
  • Wooden Window and Door systems for life with an understanding that colors your life...

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